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P S Y C H O T H E R A P Y 

Eugenia Guidi

"It is a joy to be hidden, and a disaster not to be found."

-- D.W. Winnicot

How I Work

I work intuitively and collaboratively, grounded in a deep awe and respect for human beings in all our complexity. I am deeply influenced by the Hakomi method of therapy, as well as relational, psychodynamic, ecotherapy and feminist modalities. I draw on my experience in social justice movements, and hold the greater context of privilege, oppression and cultural trauma as interwoven in all of our healing journeys.

Somatic Psychotherapy

As a somatic, or body oriented psychotherapist, my approach includes tuning into the felt sense of the body, as well as the observations of the mind. Our bodies are a living record of our life experiences, and listening to one’s body can provide wisdom not available to the mind alone. An understanding of the body's innate intelligence aids greatly in facilitating emotional and psychological healing. I provide education grounded in physiology and neuroscience, as well as resourcing techniques to regulate the nervous system and enhance a sense of safety and well being in the body.  I am trained in the use of therapeutic touch to support the healing process when appropriate.

My Practice

I enjoy a diverse practice working with adults, children, and adolescents of different genders, class backgrounds and racial and ethnic identities. My clients seek therapy for support around:

  • Stress, anxiety and panic

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Issues facing LBGTQ2I communities

  • Issues in relationship

  • Gender exploration and transition

  • Personal development and evolution

  • Spiritual growth and maturity


 Additionally, my specialties include:

  • Transgender and gender expansive youth

  • Healing for Healers

  • Finding one’s path and purpose in life


My fee for a 50 minute session is $195.  I provide sliding scale spots when available for those who cannot afford my full fee.  I am not on any insurance panels, but am happy to provide receipts for insurance reimbursement.  Your insurance company will be able to tell you if this is a part of your plan.

I welcome you to call me at (510) 463-4027 for a free phone consultation, or to email me at for more information. I look forward to discussing with you how therapy might support.


​I offer holistic, somatic, warm-hearted psychotherapy in the East Bay. As a therapist, my deepest belief is in our inborn ability to heal, no matter what brokenness we may have experienced in life. Often we find that the blueprint for our healing and growth is contained within our suffering.  With curiosity, courage, and presence we will support the healing process within you, and follow this process towards lasting change.

(510) 463-4027 -
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